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manufacturers and Inside sales COntact


American Fittings Corporation      Jenny

BRK Electronics                           Jenny

Crown Line Plastics                      Jenny

EagleRise                                     Laura

EBox                                             Laura

Ericson                                         Jenny

Falcon Fine Wire                          Nathan

GE Grid Solutions, LLC                Shelly                 

IPEX/Scepter                                Laura

Kraloy                                           Laura

Madison Electrical Products         Laura

O'Kote                                           Laura

RAB Lighting                                 Shelly

Rector Seal                                   Shelly

​Republic Wire                               Nathan

SATCO                                         Nathan

Superflex LTD                               Laura

Superior Essex                             Laura/Nathan

Western Tube                               Jenny


Electrical manufacturers Representatives 

Welcome to our new site.  We will continue to update and add to the content in the near future.  You can view our Manufacturers we represent below as well as the inside sales contact for each line.  An updated, printable line card will be available soon.  Check back with us to see what is new with Current Solutions.


FAX   913-451-2349